Test and Inspection

Test and Inspection

Our Customer’s Challenge

The trust was looking to ensure compliance of their site within the scope of EAWA 1989 , relevant British Standards, HTM-06-02 and under site safe systems of work all whilst keeping the clinical location fully operational. Clinicians and supporting staff needed to deliver day-to-day services to the public and patients alike all whilst the premises remained open and accessible, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


The Quartzelec Solution

As an Embedded Contractor within the Healthcare sector, Quartzelec was able to provide a tailored test and inspection service within the site safe system of work. utilising Quartzelec engineers qualified under HTM-06-02 CPLV1. In addition, as this project involved complex isolations (involving one or more points of isolation), engineers qualified to APLV1 under HTM 06-02 were also on the Quartzelec team to support. Our engineers were then able to work independently of the Hospital’s site team allowing for independent verification and seamless completion of works.


Key Benefits

An experienced and established team were key in providing a tailored test and inspection programme through:

  • Integrated Working
  • Continuity of supply
  • Qualified Healthcare engineers
  • Qualified under HTM requirements
  • Seamless delivery





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