M&E plus Civils - Pumping Station Refurbishment

M&E plus Civils -  Pumping Station Refurbishment

Our Customer’s Challenge

A supporting partner of a South Yorkshire alliance developing and delivering the region’s Water Action Plan following the flood disaster of 2019, Yorkshire & Humber Drainage Board (YHDB) is working to help build flood resilience within the network.

As part of this initiative – a £478K scheme was undertaken with refurbishment works classified as urgent for the Dikes Marsh Pumping Station – better protecting land and property in the Thorne and Moorends area of Doncaster which was identified as being at significant risk of flooding.

Originally built in the 1970’s, the station’s original equipment including control panels, starters and electrical equipment was still installed and YHDB approached Quartzelec, as a principal contractor with the expertise and capabilities in-house, to assist with the full station upgrade.


The Quartzelec Solution

Access and safety around the site was a huge priority with new screw pump channel covers required to replace fragile mesh fencing - maintaining necessary visibility. Building access was also improved with new galvanized steel stairs installed, along with all necessary civils including demolition of the subsiding concrete steps and laying of new concrete foundations.

From an equipment perspective - Quartzelec’s philosophy is to ensure life extension where possible. Investigations confirmed the screw pump gearboxes were in a good and servicable condition and necessary maintenance was carried out - ensuring budget was maintained.

To improve station efficiency, the ageing slipring motors were to be replaced with electrically similar IE3 induction motors and to ensure mechanical interchangeability, a new bed-plate was designed and engineered.

Further electrical works included the design and installation of new changeover switch’s, weed screen control panels, new power and control cables, replacement of site lighting and the installation of earth bonding.


Project Success Factors

Having extensive experience in the field of multi-deliverable water industry projects, working with Quartzelec will ensure:

  • Complex project delivery of electrical, mechanical & civils through a single contractor
  • Project/client expectations effectively managed and timescales achieved
  • Extensive sector experience ensures high standards maintained
  • Improved reliability and confidence in flood risk management secured






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