TS Metals is well placed – both geographically and due to our extensive expertise - as a trusted supplier to a number of automotive marques as well as component manufacturers throughout the supply chain


The West Midlands is the traditional heart of the UK automotive industry and TS Metals is well placed, both geographically and because of our expertise.

Due to the automotive industry's strong reliance on sheet metal fabrication, we are a trusted supplier to a number of marques providing parts for both specialised and general clients. Additionally, we operate as component manufacturers in many supply chains creating essentials by our customer's designs.

Explore our range of services to the industry, including; fabrication of prototype and small-run components and panels to laser cutting, fabrication and finishing of complex radiator grilles for prestige cars. 

If would like to receive further information or inquiry about our services please Contact Us or call us at +44 (0)1788 540019. 

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