Fabrication Services Major Components

Fabrication Services Major Components

Our Customer’s Challenge

Offgrid Energy Ltd is a leader in the energy storage market specialising in the requirements for grid reinforcement where the grid is weak or not available.  Their gridtogo™ product – INGENIUM, is a universal Energy Storage System (ESS) delivering reliable power in the most cost effective and environmentally sensitive way. Having secured a unique contract to supply a total of four ESS’s for a high profile, off-road electric racing project to maintain power availability across the routes’ remote areas, they were looking for a local supplier with whom they could work hand-in-hand to fabricate a number of major components for the INGENIUM development work required to support this ambitious e-racing project.


The Quartzelec Solution

With an established product requiring some minimal development for this project, new major components needed to be manufactured to
a tight time frame as the final ESS’s had a shipping date which could not be delayed. TS Metals were on-board to fabricate the outer casing, internal steel battery units and skid for each of the four units. In-line with our client’s commitment to cleaner energy and reduced consumption, the locality of our fabrication facility meant a significant reduction in transportation pollution as well as easier site visits.

A dedicated clean area was set-up within the workshop to prevent any damage to the components during fabrication. Taking just four weeks from receipt of CAD and STP files, TS Metals converted to drawings and parts lists and pushed on with manufacture, through to final fabrication and finishing. Quality was paramount in this project with the team delivering on-time to the satisfaction of our client.


Key Benefits

  • A new supplier agreement delivering: 
  • Smooth delivery with lead time met   
  • Flexible space for prototype work   
  • Qualified engineers able to generate all drawings using SolidWorks
  • Access to a reliable quality fabrication shop
  • Time-served sheet metal workers & fabricator welders able to manufacture from technical drawings



 "Bringing in TS Metals as a new supplier has proved a successful choice; a local partner, meeting our high expectations. We’re looking forward to developing this relationship" - Danny Jones, Director, Off Grid Energy






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