Power Station - HV/LV Installation

Power Station - HV/LV Installation

Project Summary


Installation & Commissioning


12 Weeks


Quartzelec had the opportunity to work with a Power Plant located in East Riding of Yorkshire which provides up to 49.5MW of electricity to the grid. Consisting of 11 x 4.5MW generators driven by spark ignition reciprocating gas engines, the plant operates to provide additional energy during periods of peak demand within the UK. The combined net thermal input of the plant is approximately 109 MW and operation is not continuous but acts as a flexible back up supply for up to 2,750 hours per annum.

The client was seeking a large electrical contractor to perform electrical installations on their 11 x 4.5MW generators including all panel installations, instrumentation, controls and lighting to ensure they could commission the generators within a rigid time frame.

The Project

Recognising the diversity of skills that Quartzelec offer and the close proximity of its business units to the plant, the client approached Quartzelec. A good working relationship was quickly established and the objectives of the project were confirmed in order to meet the client’s short time frame.

Working closely with the client, Quartzelec planned, installed, tested and commissioned the 11kV HV cabling and LV electrical wiring for complete Lighting/Control systems to all 11 units at the plant. The work involved: 

• 11kv junction boxes and terminations to generator end wiring full installation

• Fire/smoke detection system

• MCU panelling

• Revision and additional work requested (modify control panels, modify lighting)

• Installation of earthing bars and inverter switch panels 

One of the main issues faced during the project was the time frame as this included set pre-commissioning dates for each engine and generator which were not changeable. To achieve this, thorough planning was required and the key success factor was the collaboration between the Quartzelec business units, working together to ensure smooth delivery of the project, ensuring that the clients objectives were met.


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