Capenhurst Technology Park

Capenhurst Technology Park

Project Summary


HV/LV infrastructure replacement




For companies like EA Technology (previously the Electricity Council Research Centre), C-Tech Innovation, FCE and Flowgroup, aged electrical supply infrastructure could have serious consequences for business continuity, revenue and reputation. That’s why facilities management company Legat Owen, engaged Quartzelec to carry out a major electrical supply refurbishment project at Capenhurst Technology Park, between Chester and Ellesmere Port.

The park is known for the electricity and energy businesses that were created, and traded from there for R&D and other services for the electricity industries.

The Project

With the Technology Park owner recognising the age of the network and some of the risks associated with the distribution system, they committed to significant investment and improvement which included replacement of the HV/LV infrastructure and switchgear.

A team of seven engineers from Quartzelec’s Wrexham business were involved in the project. One that involved planned shutdowns and changeovers, often meaning weekend work... arrangements individually scheduled with the park’s tenants.

It is distinctly possible that this work represents only the first phase of a larger three to four year project. 


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