Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company (SASREF)

Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company (SASREF)

Project Summary


Manufacturing, Installation & Commissioning


5 Months


The Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company (SASREF), situated in Jubail Industrial City is at the very heart of Saudi Arabia’s petrochemical industry. It is one of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced refineries and has the capacity of producing 305,000 barrels of oil per day including benzene, fuel oil, gas oil and kerosene.

The refinery has two 5 megawatts turbo generators that supply power to the complex. Quartzelec were awarded the contract to design and manufacture a replacement KM1201 Cage Induction Motor and install and commission the motor on site.    

The Project

Quartzelec were responsible for the design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of a replacement KM1201 Cage Induction Motor, 407kW, 8 pole, 3.3kV/3Ph/50Hz, continuously rated, totally enclosed, C.A.C.A., horizontal foot mounted with self contained sleeve bearings, both mechanically and electrically interchangeable with the existing motor as a complete assembly.

The motor was designed by a team of experienced and qualified engineers at our Rugby Offices which included a phase segregated fault related mains terminal box, sleeve oil flow lubricated insulated bearings, Bentley Nevada Series 3300 probes, pre start purge pipes, 6 winding RTD’s, 2 winding RTD’s, anti condensation heaters, a stainless steel nameplate and a drain hole.

The motor was manufactured by an alliance partner and project managed by Quartzelec. Upon completion, the motor was inspected and tested and then suitably packed and shipped to the Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company.

Quartzelec engineers were responsible for the on site installation and commissioning of the motor. Work commenced by dismantling and removing the existing motor and preparing the area for installation. Engineers successfully installed and connected the motor and carried out various checks and tests including pre commissioning and motor light running checks and final commissioning and load running checks.

The motor was returned to normal service and SASREF requested a quotation for further works on site.    



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