LV Supply Cable Alteration Works

LV Supply Cable Alteration Works

Our Customer’s Challenge

Following water ingress into the main generator room at His Majesty’s Crown Court and Tribunal Service Building, the main panel board SMP B1.1 main switch and distribution board LB1.1 were found to be submerged in 400mm of water. This led to significant damage to both components. Our client was looking to urgently lift both components above the water ingress line to protect against future water damage and mitigate against any potential power loss.

The Quartzelec Solution

Due to the operational downtime of the site, it was imperative the the work commenced soonest and following an investigative review it was agreed that the works could be scheduled for completion within a 24-hour window. The full scope included the removal of all damaged components, the re-routing of the main sub main cable as well as the installation of a new main switch and distribution board which involved extensive alteration to the existing panel configuration.

To facilitate the work, disconnection and extensive alteration to the existing sub main support system had to be carried out. This allowed for the installation of a new 160A main switch fuse and connection to the existing bus bar assembly via tri rated cabling. A new TPN distribution board was also installed within the existing panel board - in a higher position - to eliminate any future water ingress damage. On completion of the works, full inspection and testing of the installation was carried out to ensure full compliance with BS7671 2018. A2.2022.

Key Benefits

An experience approach to on site, tailored electrical installation solutions has ensured:

  • Key components are now protected against future water ingress damage
  • Continuity of supply
  • Protection for main panel SMP B1.1
  • Compliance with BS 6423:2014





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