Ministry of Electricity and Water

Ministry of Electricity and Water

Project Summary


Rotor Rewind and Balance


3 Months


The Ministry of Electricity and Water are responsible for supplying electricity and water services to all the sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

The station has a total of 5 identical machines and one spare rotor. Due to issues on one of the rotors the station made the decision to rewind all of the rotors using the spare to keep the machines running during the rewind. Quartzelec were awarded the contract on behalf of PPI Engineering to carry out a rotor rewind and balance of the 37.5 MW Ansaldo air cooled Rotor. 

The Project

The rotor was transported from Bahrain to the Rugby workshop where it was inspected by a team of experienced and qualified generator engineers, specialist tools and test equipment.

On receipt of the rotor, initial electrical and mechanical tests were conducted. The rotor was then dismantled by removing the fans and retaining rings and then a further inspection was conducted, including an inspection of the endwinding, retaining rings, discs and rotor winding overhangs. The rotor was rewound and the retaining rings were replaced with new ones which were machined by Quartzelec.

A copper damper and cage was then fitted and the retaining rings were preheated and fitted back to the rotor.

The rotor was then balanced using IRD- Mechanalysis sensing equipment using both seismic and proximity probes. Once satisfactory, final electrical and mechanical tests were conducted along with final visual inspections and the rotor was packed up and shipped back to Bahrain and successfully installed into the generator.


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